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Jun 14,2019 - Jun 15,2019    Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


easy ego states
12 credits: EMDRIA, APA, NASW, LMFT and LMHC, LPC and other NBCC approved masters level clinicians 9:00am to 4:30pm both days Livestream or In Person Crowne Plaza Natick
1360 Worcester Street, Route 9
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REGISTER BELOW (scroll down or click "Show/Hide Details" above) Program Description: Participants in Easy Ego State Interventions learn how to see clients through the lens of ego state therapy and EMDR and to distinguish healthy, flexible states from dissociative ones. Through lecture, guided experience, case examples, demonstrations, role-plays, and practice they will be able to utilize their awareness of vagal states, body types, and trauma and attachment histories to make accurate diagnoses, plan treatment, clear trauma, heal attachment issues, and enhance relationships with ego state therapy. The workshop includes content differentiating normal ego states from dissociative states; Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal theory as the basis for many states; how ego state interventions work; the Theory of Structural Dissociation; accessing functional and dysfunctional states; the 2-Hand Interweave technique; a simple trauma protocol with ego states; material on attachment to abusers and working with survivors of sexual abuse to create a healthy sex life; April Steele’s Imaginal Nurturing protocol and healing place interventions if there is a phobia of younger parts; working with relationship issues, including using adult states to pick a good partner; Calming over-active immune systems and chronic pain with EMDR and ego state work; working with personality disorders, including Borderline, and both Exhibitionist and Codependent Narcissists; and several hours on working with Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The DD work includes diagnosis, working within the Theory of Structural Dissociation, many case examples, a review of useful tools, including use of the Dissociative Table, Healing Places, and “Switching” Places. It also speaks to the self-care of therapists who work with this population. Robin Shapiro is a practical, clear, and entertaining speaker, who is responsive to questions and the needs of the participants. She often has participants role-play especially difficult clients, in order to show methods of dealing with dissociative defenses in therapy sessions. Day 1 Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:
    • Distinguish functional ego states from dysfunctional dissociative states.
      Utilize the Two-Hand Interweave to assist clients to distinguish between kinds of emotions, thoughts, introjects, and choices.
      Utilize a simple ego state trauma protocol with a wide variety of clients.
      Assist survivors of sexual abuse to have healthy, happy, trauma-free sex lives with their current partners.
      Utilize ego state therapy to assist clients to find and create healthy love relationships.
      Utilize EMDR and ego state therapy to heal over-active immune systems and chronic pain.
Day 2 Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:
    • See personality disorders as dissociative disorders and identify several PD diagnoses, including Borderline, and two kinds of Narcissistic PDs.
      Identify DID clients.
      Utilize the Theory of Structural Dissociation as a roadmap to treatment of Dissociative Disorders.
      Utilize the Calof’s Rage Room and other containment “rooms” with destructive DD parts.
      Utilize the Dissociative Table with DD clients.
      Utilize appropriate trauma strategies with DD clients, including modified EMDR protocols, modified Life Span Integration, and others.
Robin Shapiro, LICSW has used ego state therapy for more than 36 years. She is the editor and an author in two EMDR Solutions books, The Trauma Treatment Handbook, and Easy Ego State Interventions. In her books, lectures, clinical consultations, and workshops, Robin strives for plain language, easy-to-grasp concepts, and maximum usability for her readers, students, and consultees. As a frequent speaker at conferences and free-standing workshops in North America and Europe, she teaches about the treatment of trauma, dissociation, depression, attachment issues, bringing sexual abuse survivors to a happy, healthy sex life, and suicide prevention. She provides clinical consultation to groups and individuals in Seattle, and long distance, across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Since her professional beginnings in the 1980s, the awareness of culture, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual identity have been themes in all of Robin’s work. She’s currently writing How to Do Psychotherapy. Robin’s trainings are accessible, transformational, and highly usable. EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content in accordance with EMDRIA standards. This conference is held in a facility which is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC if special accommodations are required. This organization is approved by APA to offer CE credit. Please direct further questions to Please complete your registration by clicking the confirm button at the bottom of the second registration page. You can print the confirmation webpage or save it to your desktop by right-clicking and choosing “save as” to serve as a receipt of your workshop registration. A confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide during registration — check your spam filter and/or tabs if you cannot find it (especially if you use Gmail).


The Verve, Crowne Plaza Natick
1360 Worcester Street, Route 9
Natick, 01760

  • Non-profit employed clinician (30+ hours/week) Member of a group of regional colleagues (distance viewing only)


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