Clinical Consultation


Consultation provided:

  • Individual
  • Groups from 2 to 6 clinicians at reduced per person rates
  • Agencies
  • Consultation provided in person, by phone or Skype

EMDR consultation provided meets criteria for completion of EMDR basic training and EMDR certification.

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Consultation provided on specific topics including:

  • Trauma-informed intervention
  • Problematic anger and related behaviors
  • Problem behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Family conflict- divorce
  • Combat veterans
  • Men’s issues
  • Public practice
  • Social-identity and culturally based trauma
  • Cultural competence

Comprehensive EMDR-focused consultation includes:

  • Strategic target selection
  • Strategic use of specific protocols
  • Effective interweaves
  • Recent events processing
  • Contained processing
  • Behavioral rescripting

Past Topic-Focused EMDR Consultation groups offered include:

  • EMDR and Treatment for Anger and Related Behaviors
  • EMDR and Problem Behaviors
  • EMDR and Men’s Issues
  • EMDR and Dismantling Social-Identity Based Internalized Oppression and Prejudice
  • EMDR and the Body